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We offer kitesurfing lessons near Brest, Finistère.
GET ON THE WATER at Keremma, located between Brignogan and Plouescat and learn how to kitesurf.

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+33 (0)7 83 33 87 07

We provide kitesurfing lessons with the latest new gear. You can also come with your own equipment and book a lesson to improve your skills.

Our kitesurf instructors are very keen to help in any way & with great selections of kitesurf sites, you will be amazed by the beauty of Brittany.


Discover your new sport

FREE ongoing supervision after your lessons
Get to choose

Personal training for 1 on 1 supervising

Or fun learning in a group of 4 students maximum

Top Gear


We are open 7 days a week from March to October
The most beautiful and most safe locations

You will be amazed by the fantastic beaches around Keremma

LOCAL kiteboarding instructor

Love to kitesurf and Love to teach it

Our Spots
Brittany Kite School is a kitesurfing school based in Keremma and Brest, between Crozon and Roscoff, in Finistere. According to the wind direction, we give kitesurfing lessons in different locations around Brest, Keremma, Baie de Goulven, Baie du Kernic and Dunes de Sainte Marguerite.
These locations are great places to take kite surfing lessons and learn kitesurf in Brittany, with wide beaches, shallow waters and wind almost all year. If you are looking for kitesurfing lessons or if you want to improve your kitesurf skills, call us.